We're building a better solution for UI in games

QuadrantUI brings fluid, highly dynamic user interfaces into your game. Empower your team by giving them proven technology and enjoy fast iteration times and excellent runtime performance.

Powered by Qt

QuadrantUI is powered by Qt® and ​QtQuick​—a proven & mature technologies used by millions of developers to create visually stunning, high performance user interfaces for embedded devices, Internet of Things, car infotainment systems, and much more. Now we're bringing this power into games!

Declarative syntax

Design your game UI in a smart way with QML declarative language. Don't spend time wondering how to achieve your vision - easily describe the layout, styling, animations and transitions, and let the magic happen. Create reusable components to speed up development and keep your design simple.

JavaScript scripting

Separate UI & gameplay code and facilitate the power of JavaScript to easily handle complex UI logic. Enjoy fast iteration times by changing the UI behavior without the need to rebuild your project.

Powerful data binding

Provide your UI with gameplay information easily via intuitive and powerful C++ data bindings. Simplify your UI code with MVC or MVVM architecture and keep it easily maintainable.

Visual designer & feature-rich IDE

Visually author the UI without writing any code. Or dive head-first into QML to create elegant reusable components. Or both. The choice is yours. Either way QtCreator, the included QML IDE, is the right tool for the job.

Out of the box engine integration

QuadrantUI comes with extensive Unreal® Engine 4 integration for both C++ and Blueprint projects. Support for other engines, including Unity®, is coming soon.